YAB Dato' Sri Mohd Najib Bin Tun Haji Abdul Razak
Prime Minister Of Malaysia

"The first is a legacy issue of negative credit history including bankruptcy and blacklisting. The second involves the various challenges faced in obtaining adequate and timely credit. And the third major issue is the perception that Indians face an uphill battle in winning contracts from Government and Government Linked Companies’, or GLCs. I will address each of these three major issues in turn"

YBhg. Dato Hafsah Hashim
Chief Executive Officer,
SME Corporation

"Currently there are various programmes being implemented by the Government for SMEs ranging from capacity building programmes such as inculcating entrepreneurship and human capital development programmes"

Definition of SMEs

Malaysia adopted a common definition of SMEs to facilitate identification of SMEs in the various sectors and subsectors. This has facilitated the Government to formulate effective development policies, support programmes as well as provision of technical and financial assistance. An enterprise is considered an SME in each of the respective sectors based on the Annual Sales Turnover or Number of Full-Time Employees as shown in the table below.

Micro Enterprise   Small & Medium Enterprise
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UTUSAN: SEED tunjang ekonomi kaum India
17 Sep 15
Datuk Dr. A T Kumararajah berkata, agenda Perdana Menteri yang mahu terus melahirkan usahawan India dengan jumlah yang ramai boleh disifatkan telah berjaya kerana sebelum ini Tabung Ekonomi Kumpulan Usaha Niaga (Tekun) yang diperkenalkan pada 2008 kepada usahawan India tempatan hanya membantu dalam skala kecil sahaja dengan peruntukan RM8 juta setahun. “Atas inisiatif Najib, puluhan ribu usahawan India telah mendapat manfaat melalui SEED. SEED bertujuan menerajui, memacu dan menyelaras penglibatan...
BERNAMA: Four Seed Officers Placed At Amanah Ikhtiar Malaysia
07 Sep 15
"The awareness on facilities provided for entrepreneurs among the Indian community is still low although AIM, in collaboration with SEED, has so far extended loans amounting to RM77 million to 8,157 Indian woman entrepreneurs. With...
Access to Preferential Financing
07 Mar 15
The topic “Access to Preferential Financing” is specifically focusing on India entrepreneurs to brief them in detail about business financing. This programme is to increase the awareness and realize the benefits of Credit Guarantee...
Progress Report
Status Report as of September 2015
  RM 717.30mil
Success Stories
" All this while I rented the lorry and doing business for the past 5 years. Because it is rental it has been hard for me to see profit. The margin for the profit is minimal as it will be used for the rental of the lorry. I heard about the SEED assisting Indian Entrepreneurs, and I apply thru TEKUN for buying own lorry. With having own lorry the margin of the profit will be increase 45% from existing profit. The SEED staff has help me in arranging and... "
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Janama Trading
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